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Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
, supervisor london breed will probably be arriving later and will make her welcoming remarks towards the end of the program. following the invocation by reverend harlan jones, nor a griffin will make a presentation, a dramatic presentation on the negro national anthem which will be followed by the singing of the negro national anthem. with that, i'd like to ask reverend jones if he would come forward for the invocation. (applause) >> let us bow our heads. unite our hearts in prayer. eternal god, creator of the world, sustainer of life and lord of history, thou art great and beyond our power to fully know or comprehend. so, god, we come today to give you thanks for both the ordinary and extraordinary mercies of our lives. we thank you for the gift of living in a city where the richness and diversity of races and cultures is celebrated. and as we begin this celebration of african-american history month, we remember with fondness those who worked and sacrificed to make a life for themselves and their people. we remember those who marched, who sat in, who were jailed and who lost their lives tha
Feb 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
helped find the most vilified monarch. >> reporter: this is the tower of london, the scene of many dramas over the century. the connection of the drama unfolding here today. they had several of their relatives killed. but that did not help them in the end. >> reporter: the next slide that i'm going to show you is this one first. >> reporter: the century old skeleton, jammed with the hands bound into a sha low grave. it's a long way from the tower of london to the parking lot in the northern english city. but this lot covered over the remains of the ancient church. and it now seems clear of the remains of the long lost king. it has been rumored that he had been buried after being defeated and killed in battle just outside of town five centuries ago. but could this be his remains? dug up from beneath the parking lot and showing what looked like this wound. what sounds like csi1485 has found numerous wounds consistent with what happened to losing kings of the medieval battles. >> that would have caused almost the loss of consciousness and that they would have swallowed quickly afterwards. >>
Feb 21, 2013 1:30pm PST
norman yee and i will be chairing the meeting. to my right is supervisor london breed and the clerk today is linda wong. the committee would also like to acknowledge a staff of sfgtv who are mark bunch and nona makonian who recorded each of our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes, mr. chair, please make sure all cell phones and electronic devices are off, and any documents that are to be included as part of the file, items acted upon will be on march 5th supervisor agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, we're going the move an item out of order. can you please call item number 6. >> item number 6, ordinance amending the missal elections code sections, withdraw of canadian das si, change the public inspection period for candidate materials change requirements for petition circulated badges to meet the requirement of disclaimer, the board of supervisor's argument, incorporate state law provision governing signatures in lieu of filing feels, candidate files fee provisions and make other technical amendments
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
's 12:00 noon here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington and 1:00 p.m. in the hague where officials say they have unearthed football match-fixing on a scale not seen before. the european police organization stays scam involves millions in bribeds and a crime syndicate based in asia. it results in some high-profile matches including the champions league. >> among the 380 or so suspicious matches identified in this case, they are qualification matches for the european league football championships, two u.a. champions league matches including one played in england and several top-flight matches in the european national league. in addition another 300 suspicious matches were identified outside europe in africa, asia and south and central america. so this is match-fixing activity on a scale not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and corrupted officials and players affecting hundreds of matches and generating very large amounts of elicit profits. it is also the work of a sophisticated international crime syndicate. based in asia and working with criminal facilitators around europe.
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm PST
francisco county consultation authority commissioners london bree and norman yee. i look forward to working with you. please call item 2. >> this is an action item. >> before we act on this item i would like to open any public comment, any member of the public who would like to speak on item two come forward. seeing none public comment is closed. madam clerk if you can do a roll call. >> (roll call) the item passes. >> chairman: i'm wondering is legally a member of the commission is allowed to abstain; i assume there is no problem with that. proceed. >> the item passes. >> thank you very much. if you can please call item number 3. chair's report. >> chair: welcome to the new calendar year i have brief remarks given that it's only been a month since we had our meeting and we just started this legislative session. as noted earlier we have two newly elected members of the commission. again welcome commissioners london breed and norman yee to the first meeting. with the presidential election behind us it is fair to see that we will see more of a focus on transportation. i think it is also
Feb 18, 2013 3:00am PST
interesting fashion in paris than in london. the sense of humor makes them to play more with the clothes and everything. in paris, i could see what was chic in what was not. one time i was working and was arriving at an industry job, and i was wearing boots. they looked at me and said, [unintelligible] as a reproach. i thought, ha ha, very funny. [laughter] but it was beautiful, which can be true but it can be awful, too, a beige. it is not because it is beige, but it could be the absolute beauty, no. it depends how it is done, how it is made, how it looks like. so i was like, let's say, killing the french fashion. i should say france in general. so absolute. it has to be like that. things that i did not feel like. i think it's time i was going, i felt really in love with london. i felt more freedom. when i was going there, it gave me -- [unintelligible] sending like, yes, go on to do the things you feel are good. because it is very conservative in paris. >> only you had come to san francisco. >> yes. >> i can only imagine what you would have produced. [applause] >> that is true. >> here
Feb 4, 2013 5:00am EST
. in the story about a half- just beend may have >> this out of london this morning. we go to the live desk for details. researchers in london have the remainsed that they found in a parking lot this man -- king third. the he rolled in the 1400s and is believed to have been the last monarch -- british die in combat. are morning they have found them. they found a skull in the ground. can show you a picture of where it was found. they tested a canadian man who 17th generation of king richard. he tested his dna and it proved to be a match. this morning there will be a press conference later on in london to officially make this announcement. interesting stuff. thank you. in today's tech bytes, a look at the top searches during the super bowl. and facebook celebrating its ninth birthday. i am perez has more. ,in today's tech bite ,earching during the super bowl the gameearch during was for a live stream of the , it wasa and on bing the super bowl and the .lackout on yahoo, it was power outage. top-selling the for thene in the u.s. first time since to the launch of iphone 5. temple run to is offi
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
worked together when an american serial killer came to london. she's a buffoon. all profilers are. they're snake oil salesmen who cast maladjusted closet cases as criminal geniuses in the media. the profilers, in turn, can be super-geniuses when the killers are caught. isn't profiling part of what you do? i deduce. enormous difference. drummond: holmes. glad to see you landed on your feet in new york. i heard you had some difficulties in london. nice to see you're keeping tabs on me. yes. this is joan watson. she accompanies me. helps keep those difficulties from reoccurring. nice to meet you. and you. we are talking about heroin, right? where's your captain? i need the manpower to do a four-quadrant search of the neighborhood. did you know that patricia ennis, howard ennis's sister, is a patient here? why not talk to her first? she was the one he was ostensibly here to help, so maybe she has some insight as to where he's gone. oh, no. wait. your book, that's right. what was it called? profiles in terror. yes, ms. drummond wrote a book about howard ennis after she caught him. got into a
Feb 12, 2013 5:00am PST
go vegan. >>> plus a war brewing between london and san jose. we'll take a look coming up. >>> starting today, tofu is on the menu at chipotle. they are testing out a new vegan dish coming with shredded organic tofu. this one is stuffed with fixings over there at chipotle. chilies and the spices. the tofu burrito will be tested at seven bay area locations and if the diners approve and like that new flavor, chipotle is planning to add the dish to restaurants coast to coast. >> i'm just hearing my grandmother. if you prefer doughnuts and pizza, head to the south bay according to the mayor of london. scott mcgrew, why is the mayor of london giving us restaurant reviews? >> he was trying to make the point that london is more interesting than san jose. i'm not sure that was ever in doubt. he said silicon valley "you've got lots and lots of sort of doughnut shacks and pizza huts and roundabouts. it looks like anywhere else to me. london is a far more attractive place to live." to which we respond, mr. mayor, we also have a mall so great we call it the great mall and mr. johnson,
Feb 4, 2013 12:30am PST
was held trying to shield the children. >>> police quickly ends a dangerous situation outside london's buckingham palace today. a man who looked to be in his 50s, holding a large knife to his throat broke through a security cordon. he got agitated as police start closing in. he finally lunged at a police officer, there you go right there, you can see it, the officer fired his taser, knocking the man to the ground where police handcuffed him. >>> we want to go now, ray lewis speaking to the media. >> never quitting, and always believing in your dreams and goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my side. no matter what was said, no matter what i've been through, my babies have always looked to me as their father. as a man, it's the greatest reward ever, to go out 17 years of a dream. and now i get to hug my babies for the rest of my life, and i get to say i was a champion when i went out. it's just no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side. terence moore, i'm going to go to you. ray l
Feb 20, 2013 4:30am PST
at this time. meanwhile they show no interest and they say the team refuses to meet with them near jack london square. also the golden state warriors continue to move to san francisco. they are taking from a thief who was stealing from them in their own driveway. they have two other cars and like other people they noticed they were having to fill up more often. that led to the conclusion somebody was taken gas from each of their vehicles. >> the gas cap was underneath the truck and all of these gas stains were here and they were helping themselves. >> the thieves probably cost them a couple of $100 in the last month. now they have bought gas locks for all their cars. >>> it is getting closer to 5:00, let's check in with sal for traffic. >>> we are looking at the commute around the bay area, if you can see some of these pictures it is nice and clear for you, let's take a look at san francisco, northbound 101 this traffic does look good approaching the 880 split, also if you are driving towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a nice looking drive into san francisco. southbound 680, you might wa
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
>> commissioner wu: aye >> commissioner borden: aye. >>: passes 7-0. >>: welcome back to san francisco's london commission regular hearing, fe b 7 2013. item 11, 2012.0765c. >>: the project is to allow expansion of the existing limited restaurant on the ground floor at 1441 stockton street. to the previously approved conditional use authorization in march, 2007, it operates as a retail bookstore with a limited restaurant component known as a. cavalli & co. it acquires a conditional use to expand. the department has received one additional comment with concerns alleging the business' continued violation. the department has not found the business to be in violation of the conditions of approval based on site visits conducted by the enforcement staff in response to each complaint. elimination of the bookstore and expansion of the restaurant will not result in the loss. the project will not affect the concentration of eating or drinking establishments. the business will not serve alcohol for on-site consumption and the project will enable locally owned and operated businesses to continue serving th
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
but independent films and culture program such as the san francisco opera and the national theatre of london. as you can imagine both the films and special programs require a quiet setting. i just had a meeting with the san francisco film festival we shared concerns with me about the noise bleed issue. it is not workable to have music bleeding into our auditoriums. we cannot have any kind of interruption to our patrons' ability to watch movies. pa'ian is next to our theater. we share walls. the ceiling is our floor. this present difficulties as people stand around the ada, the ramp by the theatre. they have not complied with the sound restrictions already required by the temporary permit and not in compliance with several liquor law restrictions related to sound and loitering. we are concerned that is the sup is violated -- >> president fong: your time is up. >>: we just want everybody to enjoy their experience of sundance cinema. >> president fong: next speaker please. >>: my name is martin feinman the attorney for sundance kabuki cinemas, one of the businesses next door to the pa'ina lo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 383 (some duplicates have been removed)